Why Ginnie & Pinney Care About Plastic

Updated: Jun 7

In our book, Roll Up, Roll Up, Clean Up, Kevin, Kelly and Kylie Koalas are creating a big and smelly mess in their house.

The reason we created this book is to highlight how taking responsibility about our rubbish, is vital.

Every time I go for a walk I can’t help but pick up the plastic rubbish I see around me. Look at this photo:

I picked up this amount of plastic on a 20 minute walk in one the most beautiful spots on the Bass Coast in South Gippsland. Because of this, I thought it might be a good idea to create some activities and discussions around plastic waste.

Do you think children know what happens to our rubbish, particularly plastic?

Ask your child or children whether they have noticed how much plastic rubbish there is along the shoreline or in your local park, riverbank or street?

It is important to encourage your children to think about the environment.

We can all make cleaning up fun if it is shared, whether it is in your bedroom, house or outside on the beach or in your park. It is a shared responsibility that helps marine and bird life.

Activity ideas

Create a no-plastic policy for your school wherever possible. Ask the children to bring their lunches to school without using any single use plastic.

Writing letters and making posters to send to companies asking them to stop using single use plastic is a great idea for a family or class activity.

Maybe your students or children might come up with some interesting ideas they could share with us (@ginnie_pinney on Instagram or @ginnieandpinney on Facebook) on how they help to stop plastic rubbish going to the sea.

When it is safe, organise a plastic pick up excursion and see what you can find. What can you make of the plastic rubbish you collect? BUT ensure you wash your hands very well, wear gloves or use tongs when you are hunting for plastic rubbish. There are many organisations that have ‘pick up’ events. Have a look at the Yarra River Association (https://yarrariver.org.au/) or Beach Patrol (https://www.beachpatrol.com.au/about-us)

Can you find out how rubbish ends up in the sea and what happens to the marine life when they eat plastic. The Australian Marine Conservation Society is a good place to start.


Tell the children that if everyone across the planet picked up 3 pieces of plastic each day the fishes and seabirds would be much happier without their tummies full of plastic rubbish and the sea would not be full of plastic.

Good luck and please let us know if you organise a beach or park clean up. We would love you to post photos of that or of other creative projects around plastic. Please post to our social media (@ginnie_pinney on Instagram or @ginnieandpinney on Facebook) pages.

Have a great day!

Penny Harris

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