What to do with young children under lockdown

How are you all going in lockdown #6 in Victoria and continued lockdown in NSW? I have been struggling to find something to write about that will give you all a bit of inspiration and some practical ideas you can do with your young children.

Mostly, the activities I am suggesting need either a parent or a carer and/or two children to participate in which might be tricky if you are also juggling work as well as caregiving. If you can just manage a half hour to an hour of time out it might be the best thing for both you and your child’s mental health and wellbeing.

My three year old grandson who usually goes to kinder three days a week was on a Zoom with his teacher and fellow kinder students, yesterday morning. His teacher gave him (and his mum), some lovely educational tasks to do at home.

Here is one I really like:

Activity #1:

You will need:

a sheet of paper

something to write with

a large piece of art paper or cardboard

woodworking or non toxic glue

coloured pencils, paint, brushes or paint sticks

On a piece of paper write down the letters from A-Z leaving space next to each letter. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, take your child or children outside to find objects beginning with each letter and write them next to the corresponding letter. If you are in an apartment, find things around the house, also beginning with each letter and write these down. Once you have the list of objects, its now time for a treasure hunt to find all the objects listed (some might be a bit tricky to find). Once you have as many objects as you can find, glue them to the art paper and write the letter beside the object. For letters that don’t have a found object ask your child to draw or paint it.

Activity #2

You will need:


boiled egg/eggs

Having children in lockdown and not being able to have them expend their energy is very tough so here are a couple of ideas for you when you can get them to a park or open space.

In Pinney the Winner, the friends are very excited about sports day. I think taking your child to a park with a hard boiled egg and spoon and having a race with them can be a lot of fun. Please note that racing with a watermelon on a spoon as in Pinney the Winner, is not an option! 🙂

Activity #3

I remember when I wanted to go for a walk along the beach with my young son it was a battle to get him to walk very far. What I used to do is to make lots of squiggly patterns in the sand for him to follow. It actually made the walk longer but we both had fun, him following my crazy patterns and me, making them. You could do this on a footpath with chalk as well.

You will need:

a stick or a piece of chalk tied to a stick

Activity #4

You will need:

drawing paper

coloured pencils

On a lovely day with a partly cloudy sky, ask you child to lie on the grass or on a bench or in your back garden and have them tell you what shapes they see in the clouds or whether they see animals or people or trees or houses? Can they draw what they see?

After doing a bit of online searching I found the following website, which has great ideas for young children.


I wish you all to keep safe and keep sane. Let’s hope my next blog is written when we are out of lockdown.


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