The Biggest and the Best: a story about ‘boasting’

The Biggest and the Best

A story about Boasting

Ginnie and Pinney and their friends were having a problem with Dodo.

Dodo was looking very smug. ‘I am the best at racing; I am the best at cooking; I am the best at dress ups. And I am very good at winning games! I am just the best!’ he announced to everyone.

The friends were uncomfortable. They didn’t like Dodo skiting about how good he was at everything.

But they were a bit scared to stand up to Dodo. He was much bigger than them and was strong. They didn’t want to disagree with Dodo in case he got angry.

‘I will speak to Dodo,’ said Ginnie, bravely.

‘And I’ll come with you, Ginnie,’ added Pinney, being a good friend.

Dodo was strutting around the garden feeling very important.

‘Dodo, we need to talk to you.’

You can’t go around boasting to everyone that you are the best at everything. Even if that is true, no one will like you.

Dodo was annoyed.

‘I have friends who like me. Pinney likes me, remember you invited me to a sleep over at your house.’

Pinney didn’t want to upset Dodo but he really didn’t like Dodo bragging about how great he is at everything.

‘Dodo, I am your friend but I also don’t like hearing you tell everyone how you are the best at everything. ‘How do you think everyone feels when you say this?’

‘I don’t know and I don’t care.’ Dodo was behaving very badly.

Ginnie and Pinney had tried to talk to Dodo but he wasn’t listening.

‘Let’s go Ginnie,’ Pinney said, feeling a bit upset.

But as soon as they joined their friends playing hopscotch the conversation with Dodo was forgotten.

When Dodo saw his friends playing together he asked to join them.

“Oh no, Dodo, you are too good at everything and you will win all the games. We don’t want you to join us.

Dodo was very angry.

‘I want to play!’ he yelled. The friends tried to ignore him.

‘I want to play’, he yelled again.

Ginnie decided to put a stop to Dodo’s behaviour.

‘Dodo if you stop boasting and think about your friends a little more we will allow you to play with us. Boasting about winning or talking about being the best at everything does not win you friends.

Dodo, still angry, had to think about what Ginnie had to say. He didn’t at all like feeling excluded and was thinking about how he could join the game.

Dodo approached his friends. ‘I think I have upset you all with my boasting and saying I didn’t care about you. It’s more important to me to be included in your games than to tell you how great I am at everything. I am very sorry.

After some discussion the friends agreed to let Dodo join their game.

And as they played, Dodo thought to himself ‘I am very good at this’ without saying one word to his friends.

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