Rocking Pinney Rocks!

Hi friends! How are you all doing? I know I am feeling bored having to stay at home and I think you might be feeling the same. Today I made something fun which I’d like to share with you. You can make a really cool Pinney. It’s very simple!

Here are the materials I used for the craft:

Cut out two circles on the pink paper (one is slightly bigger than the other) like these?

And some shapes like these, below. 

Now, my favourite part, putting it all together!

Final step, just paste on the eyes and draw the stitching and nostrils. (If you don’t have the eyes that are shown here, you can draw them on paper, cut them out and stick on. 

Great! Now you have created a super cool (or funny looking) Pinney. ? 

You know what, when you stand Pinney up, it even rocks!

I really like my rocking Pinney. I think I’m going to make more rocking friends!

I hope you like today‘s craft idea and I wish it will make you less bored. 

I’m going to read “Pinney the Winner” with my rocking Pinney now. See you next time!

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