Pop goes the pom pom!


I feel today is a good day to do another activity with Ginnie & Pinney finger puppets:)

First of all, let’s make a simple Pom Pom Popper with a toilet paper roll and a balloon.

Cut the top part of the balloon off,

Wrap it around the toilet paper roll,

Stick the edge of the balloon to the toilet paper roll with tape.

I made two so I could compete with my family:)

Finally, get yourself some pom poms (or just crumpled paper balls)

Ta da! Now you are ready to POP!

This is a very fun game but not so easy to play.

Children will develop their fine motor skills, concentration and the most importantly, persistence while playing this game.

And do remember, there’s one thing children need to learn (and practise) whenever they play with others:

Taking turns:)

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