Hi! My name is Pinney.
I am so HAPPY today because it is sports day and I love sports day!
I’m sure I will win a race and a chocolate medal!
But there’s someone who is even HAPPIER than I am.
Her name is Lulu. She’s very good at all types of sports.

She wins the watermelon and spoon race very easily.

And the “Jump over Ginnie” race is a piece of cake for her.

The pogo stick race is new for Lulu but she finally masters it after a lot of practising. Lulu has won a lot of chocolate medals today!

She is such a great athlete!
But what about you, Pinney?
How did you go today, Pinney?

‘Well, this is me in the watermelon and spoon race …
Oh no!

… and this is me in the “Jump over Ginnie” race …

Oh that is bad, Pinney. You must be feeling sad not to win a chocolate medal.
Don’t worry, I’m still HAPPY today because I …

… helped my friend Ginnie when she tripped over some rocks …

… and because I helped Ginnie, I won a chocolate medal for being the most caring friend!
I’m sharing it with my friends so we are all HAPPY.

You see, it’s not so hard to be HAPPY.

Being HAPPY is very important. The happier we are, the more successful we can become. American author Shawn Anchor of The Happiness Advantage has expressed: that when we are in a positive mindset, “our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient and productive at work.”

Happiness has different meanings for each of us.

Ginnie feels HAPPY when she plays well at hide and seek;
Tao feels HAPPY when he has some quiet time to himself;
Dodo feels HAPPY when he is eating his favourite food;
And I feel HAPPY when I share my happiness with my friends!

So, what makes you feel HAPPY?

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