Ginnie loves reading!

Hi friends!

Today I’d like to show you a craft idea that is very simple but can be quite functional.

You’ll see at the end of the post:)

Here are the materials I used:

Colour the popsicle stick to yellow:

Draw some brown spots:

Cut and colour the shapes for the ears, ossicones (horns) and a mouth:

Stick them to your popsicle stick with a pair of goggly eyes (if you don’t have goggly eyes just draw the eyes with a colour pen.

Draw the nostrils.


You can use the same method to make Pinney and other friends too.

These popsicle stick friends can be used for role-playing.

And you know what,

They are perfect to be used as Reading Pointers!

Smart me!

I hope you like today’s craft idea.

Enjoy your reading with the Ginnie Reading Pointer:)

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