3, 2, 1, Here I Come

Playing Hide-and-seek is Ginnie’s favourite game. 

But Ginnie has a problem. She is very bad at hiding and is always found first. So when Ginnie disappears and her friends can’t find her, they
are worried.

Where is Ginnie? Is Ginnie being fair to her friends?

A bedtime story

Ginnie & Pinney are excited.  

They’ve invited Dodo to his first sleepover. But Dodo won’t share or help. Is Dodo being a bad guest or is there a reason for his behaviour?

When Dodo finally tells his friends the truth, they agree to share with Dodo.But has Dodo really learnt to share with them? 


A brand new band

Pinney is excited about putting on a concert
with his friends.

Lulu Kangaroo is excluded because she doesn’t have an instrument. But when the concert isn’t going well Pinney realises Lulu might have something to offer after all.

Will Lulu forgive her friends and save the concert?

What will Pinney give up if she does? 

Flight of the kite

When Pinney suggests making kites on a windy day, Ginnie is worried about being blown about. 

Whilst Pinney’s enthusiasm encourages Ginnie to join in, it is also the cause of many kite-making problems for Pinney.

Does Ginnie overcome her anxiety?

Will Pinney finally make a kite that flies?


Movie Mayhem

Tao Tiger is looking forward to a quiet night
at home.

But when his friends barge in uninvited,
Tao is annoyed.

Frustrated with their antics, Tao unfairly yells at Ginnie. The friends are shocked. Why is Tao angry?

How can Tao make amends and will Ginnie
forgive Tao?

Pinney the Winner

It is sports day and Pinney is determined to win a chocolate medal.

But when his close friend Ginnie has a fall, Pinney has to make a decision. Will he stop and help Ginnie or continue on to win the last race?

Is winning that important?

What will Pinney do?


Roll Up, Roll Up, Clean Up

Ginnie & Pinney and their friends are discussing spring-cleaning when they notice a bad smell coming from the koalas’  tree house.

The friends have to intervene.  

Teaching the koalas to clean their house is a lot of fun, but when the friends leave, have the koalas learnt anything?

When I Grow Up

Miranda Panda is being very bossy when telling everyone what dress ups to wear to her party.

Ginnie is unhappy when given a firefighter’s costume. She doesn’t feel brave enough to be a firefighter.

Will things change when the fire truck arrives and Ginnie is asked to help?


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