Covid 19. We are in this together!

Hi. My name is Dodo. I have a lot of toys but I feel very bored … and I really miss my friends.

Like you, I’ve been told to stay at home.

Ahhhhh! … It’s so boring!

I really miss Pinney’s cooking. Those yummy, yummy sausages…

They are my favourite food!

And I miss Ginnie, who loves reading us stories. I even forget how scared I am of the dark, when she reads me a bedtime story.

And I miss partying with my friends. We all dressed up for the party even though we didn’t like the costumes Miranda Panda gave us.

It would be nice if I could just spend time together with my friends.

I miss my friends very much so I call them often and check if they are okay. I’m sure they are all feeling a bit bored and maybe sad, just like me.

This morning I called Pinney. He taught me that there are many things we can do to keep ourselves occupied at home, such as reading, painting, doing crafts, having a walk near where we live and many more…

The most important thing he mentioned, was to often wash our hands!

Remember to use soap, and rub, rub, rub…

Even if you are feeling bored and frustrated because you can’t see all your family or friends what you can do is to call someone close and talk about how you feel. Even going out to get some fresh air and have a walk in the park can help. I felt much better after I spoke to Pinney and told him how much I missed him.

I believe together we will eventually get through this difficult time.

And then I can be with all of my friends and I’ll even share all of my toys with them!

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