Academic References & A Little History

Hi everyone.

How do you like our new website? We think it looks great and want to do a shout out to the clever designers at Department of Creative Affairs, Leigh and Dane.

You may not know but Ginnie & Pinney started many years ago when Winnie and I worked with academics in China where we signed a publishing deal, but things didn’t go as well as we had hoped so we decided to self publish our books in Australia. After the Finnish, HundrED Award and the VDET accreditation we approached Big Sky Publishing and the new Ginnie & Pinney, ‘Learn & Grow’ books and videos were born!

I’ve added this photo because it is a lovely image of my neighbours children. They are big fans of Ginnie & Pinney. Thanks River & Ava!

To create what you see today, we spent a lot of time consulting educators and academics to help us align the stories with the EYLF. We also referred, and continue to refer to, many academic papers which I thought you may like to read. So here you go …

Enjoy the articles and happy reading!

Until next time.


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