3, 2, 1, Here I Come!

It is such a beautiful day today.

Ginnie wants to play hide and seek but Pinney tells her she is not very good at hide-and-seek. But Ginnie is a little bit stubborn and insists on playing hide-and-seek with their friends. Everyone thought hide and seek is a good idea.

Do you think it is fair for Pinney to tell Ginnie she is not good at playing hide-and-seek? What could Pinney have done? What would you do if your friend isn’t good at something. What would you say to your friend?

Can you spot where the friends are hiding in the image below?

Miranda Panda thinks she is really good at finding everyone.

One by one, all the friends are found by Miranda.

Ginnie is found easily but still wants to keep playing…

…and after taking her time and thinking hard she finds a very good hiding


What game are you good at?

What would you do if you were not good at something?

The friends looked everywhere for Ginnie. No one could find Ginnie. getting tired of waiting to be found, Ginnie starts to cough loudly. Ginnie is finally found!

Sure she was good at playing hide-and-seek, Ginnie wants to keep playing.

Uh oh, the friends are too tired from looking for Ginnie and don’t want to play any longer.

But Ginnie, being a little bit stubborn, doesn’t want to listen to her friends…

What does being stubborn mean?

What do you think Ginnie and her friends should do?

Is it fair for Ginnie to insist on playing hide and seek? Is it fair the friends don’t want to keep playing with Ginnie. What would you do?

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