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5 easy steps for
using the books


Step 1

Read the stories to familiarise yourself with the major emotional themes and further concepts of each book.


Step 2

Familiarise yourself with the questions found in the Discussion Questions section of this website and also, if you have the Teacher Resource, in the Questions under each book category.


Step 3

Before reading the books to the class, outline the major learning outcome/theme found on the front cover of each book. Ask the children if they understand what the theme means and discuss.


Step 4

Read the books and/or watch and listen to the animated video.


Step 5

On almost each page of each book, there are various issues that can be discussed with the children. For example, in Flight of the Kite, Ginnie is displaying signs of anxiety, on the following page Pinney ignores how Ginnie feels and encouraging his friends Ginnie is subjected to peer pressure. Each one of these issues can be unpacked to get the most out of the stories.


'...thank you for the truly remarkable books...'

— Sierra, Andy, River and Ava

'The Ginnie and Pinney series of books are superbly crafted at many levels'

— Tanya Serry PhD, Associate Professor (Literacy and Reading)

'...worth its weight in gold...'

— Josh Langley; Award winning author of the Being You is Enough children’s book series and mental health advocate.

'These are a beautifully illustrated, strongly thematic and meaningful series of books.'

— Dr. Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist of Australia, 2015-2020

'There is nothing available like this. It is AMAZING!'

— David Worland, CEO Australian Childcare Alliance

'The children have loved these books.'

— Paulette Maskell, Head of ELC, Shelford Girls’ Grammar, Melbourne

'We have endless fun exploring the different characters and their behaviour.'

— Grandmother and Social Worker

'...the type of children’s books I’ve always been searching for.'

— Peggy, Mother of 4-year-old

'This set of books is our favourite.'

— Rosie, Mother of 3-year-old

'We all love this set of picture books.'

— Eva C, Aunt of 3-year-old



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